Tour Guide is a platform for creation of guided tours in cities or museums using Apple iBeacon technology

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Native app works offline

All app content including tour data and maps is available without Wifi or cellular connection

Prebuild tour highlights

Prebuild tour is a way to bring recommended city or museum points-of-interest to newcomer visitors

Geo-location triggers

Tour is brought to visitor in the form of a game. After visiting certain location, interactive content is shown

Interactive multimedia enriched content

Each point-of-interest in tour comes with it's own video, audio, image or text content.. and even quiz puzzles!

Offline maps

Nice and clean offline maps of tour destination are allways ready to use without the need of internet connection

Audio guide

Support for audio guidance for the whole duration of tour from the start to the end


Explore new destinations in a fun form of a game with puzzles, quests and achievements

Designed for business

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Custom branding

Create your own icon, splash screen and customize graphics for your needs

Customize the app color

Choose colors to match your branding and create stunning mobile experience

Easily customize tour content

Use our own user friendly online content management system to easily customize tour content

Support for both indoor and outdoor triggers

Choose from recommended solutions using modern Apple iBeacon and GPS technologies

Cut expenses with less printing

Optimize expenses and substitute outdated printed materials with modern electronic version of your guide which can be always up-to-date

Social sharing

Promote your city, museum or interesting points-of-interest thanks to one-click social sharing by user

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